The best car alarm!

The best car alarm must ensure the highest level of safety of your car. The performance level must be very high and updated to present and future technologies.

In this article we present the top of the best and recommended auto alarms. In this top we take into account both the technology and the performance of the alarm system as well as the recommended system price.

Top the best car alarm!
1. Pandora Professional car alarm
Pandora Professional is a complex solution for your car. This car alarm includes all the security and service features available as well as additional personal security. Pandora Professional provides high configurability for available options and equipment.

This professional car alarm has functions that differentiate it from a normal car alarm. The functions that make up the difference are as follows:

The online service allows you to monitor, control and adjust your machine's parameters using any computer or smartphone
GPS Tracking allows for machine position detection, time and date synchronization, allows event history to save coordinates. The tracking function is also available.
The integrated GSM interface takes up the radio relay control range due to the global coverage of the cellular network. Receive voice and text alerts about new alarm and service events that happen to your car. Control your car comfortably from anywhere.
Motor starter function on pager or smartphone

2. Car alarm VIPER 5906 RESPONDER HD SST
Car Alarm Viper 5906 is also the top version of Viper's car safety systems. And this car alarm has very useful and beneficial functions for the insured car user.

Among the most important functions of the Viper 5906 car alarm we mention:

-Starting the engine from the remote control
-Perimeter Sensor - Indicates the presence of a person too close to the car, generating a pre-warning sound
-Horn siren - if the battery of the car is off, the siren will start ringing being powered separately
-Anti-freeze sensor - prevents theft of the vehicle wheels and lift for towing.
-Range of pager 1,6km

3. Pandora Light car alarm
Pandora Light car alarm is a car security system at an affordable budget but also has the necessary functions to be at the premium level.

Among the most important functions we mention the following:

  • Starting the engine from the remote control
  • Can control and operate auxiliary heating
  • Optional - Perimeter sensor

3D accelerometer sensor - detects tilt, motion, shock, wheel steer, triggers the engine lock.
LCD pager displaying machine information and communicating safely with the machine via encrypted transmission.

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Top Top Winter Tires

In the winter season we move all locations easily accessible and very difficult to reach because of this season. That is why we need to be aware of the importance of our traffic safety. That's why we need to focus on the quality and type of winter tires fitted to our car.

We have a choice between two categories of tires:
winter tires PREMIUM
winter tires LOW BUDGET

Choosing the best winter tires
The first step in choosing winter tires is to know all the details first recommended by the car manufacturer to be equipped. We have to follow the following steps:

checking the required tire size, that is, in our top we have the following:
- width 205mm,
- height 55 represents 55% of height ie 113mm
-R16 - radial 16 inches being the diameter of the tire

we need to check the minimum tire load index recommended by the car manufacturer, 91 meaning 615 kg / tire
the maximum speed index supported by the tire in the safety circumstances and within the loading limit stated on the tire T - represents 190 km / h
the DOT is the week number and the year of the year in which the tire was made
type of tire according to the season used, ie summer tires, winter tires and intermediate tires (all season)
In the winter season, exclusive use of winter tires and less intermediate tires is recommended. Winter tires are specially built for this season and offer the highest safety on both ice, snow and wet and muddy roads (the M + S inscription on the winter tire).

Winter tires can also be classified by other criteria such as fuel efficiency class, wet grip class, and rolling noise.

We have made a top of the best winter tires 205/55 / ​​R16. In this top are presented the specifications of each tire in part for a better comparison of their performance. We will show you the top of the best winter tires in the premium category and the top of the best low-budget winter tires.

After this classification of premium winter tires we have another classification. In terms of the allocated budget, we also find a classification of winter low budget tires. These are ok from a technical point of view and the performance of the second-class cars in particular.

The best low-budget winter tires are also for lower-performance cars. From the point of view of the safety offered by the winter season, these winter tires come to a high level.


Tire Maintenance and Care Tips

Tires, like other car components, need care and maintenance. Today we will tell you how to extend their life and make driving safer.

Tire Wear Ratings

Tread wear is one of the main criteria by which you can evaluate the condition of the tire. The rules of the road of the Russian Federation say that it is unacceptable to use summer tires if the minimum tread depth is 1.6 mm.

As for tires intended for use in winter (marked with a mountain peak with three peaks and a snowflake inside it, as well as the letters “M + S”), their tread should be at least 4 mm. It should be noted that even with the indicated wear values, the tire performance deteriorates significantly, and this is especially noticeable on slippery surfaces. Therefore, for safety reasons, it is highly discouraged to allow critical wear on tires and change them in advance for new ones.

According to the rules of the technical regulation of the Customs Union, it is forbidden to use tires out of season . At the moment, amendments to the bill are being considered, providing for a fine for the use of tires that are not appropriate for the season. It is also worthwhile to monitor the nature of tire wear, uneven wear often indicates malfunctions of the chassis, steering, wheel alignment settings or incorrect tire pressure.

If we talk about winter studded tires, then no less attention should be paid to the condition and fixing of the studs: if the studs are worn out or hang loose at the landing site , this will negatively affect the car’s behavior on ice. If cuts, punctures, lateral swelling (hernias) are found, it is worth contacting specialized tire workshops. If further operation of the wheel with wear is not possible, it is recommended to replace at least a pair of wheels of one axle with new ones. See yokohama yk740 gtx review for additional information.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

As we said earlier, uneven tire wear occurs due to improper pressure settings: as a rule, if the car drove for a while on a flat tire, this will be noticeable on the heavily worn sidewall. Also, when driving at low pressure, the integrity of the power structure of the sidewall of the tire may suffer, which will negatively affect its strength.

It is worth remembering that due to lowered tires, fuel consumption may increase (due to increased rolling resistance of the wheel), as well as the deterioration of driving performance is not ruled out: the car can go to the side and have problems with directional stability.

The pressure required in the tires is usually indicated on the information plate, which is usually located either on the driver's door or on the left pillar of the body. Do not forget that if you are going to heavily load the car, then the tire pressure should be increased according to the manufacturer's recommendations. It is recommended to check the pressure in the wheels at least 1 time per month , in the off-season - even more often and you need to do this only on cold wheels: when driving, the tires warm up, and the pressure in them increases.